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The Political Inclinations of Foreigners in Taiwan Regarding the Cross-Strait Situation

  • 外國人
  • 台灣
  • 兩岸關係
  • 公眾意見
  • 問卷
  • Foreigners
  • Taiwan
  • Cross-Strait
  • Public Opinion
  • Questionnaire
  • Economics
  • Political Science


The focus of this study is to shed light on what foreign residents in Taiwan think about the cross-strait situation and what factors influence the way they think. The study is motivated by what the author sees as a scarcity of information on foreigners in Taiwan, coupled by a spectacular local interest on identity as it relates to the unfolding of cross-strait politics. The author would like to call attention to the distinct voices of foreigners in Taiwan, their plight and what they see as an ideal way to resolve the current impasse. In this light, the study’s approach is exploratory in nature, employing a survey, to solicit foreigners’ opinions regarding the cross-strait situation. The study also contextualizes the social, political and economic space occupied by foreigners in Taiwan with leading intellectual theories that have been used to analyze the idea of diaspora as it occurs worldwide. It tries to single out the most potent forces that shape foreigners’ political inclinations in Taiwan. The study explores such topics as the impact of one’s country of origin, socioeconomic status, mobility, language abilities, and newspaper preferences, on foreigners’ political inclinations.

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