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Whited family and friends at the Diamond and a Half Ranch

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Bill White, John Seawell, John Hamley and Jack Dalton pose with the Whited family and crew at the Diamond and a Half Ranch. The occasion was special delivery of a cowboy hat and boots that "Tom" Whited had ordered from the Hamley & Co. Saddle Goods and Leather Goods Company. On a whim, White, Seawell, Hamley and Dalton decided to fly from Pendleton, Oregon to the Diamond and a Half to get the gear to Tom in time for the Fourth of July. Bill White first floated the idea while visiting John Hamley in his Pendleton office. “John [Hamley], why don’t you give these people service?” remembered John Seawell in his memoirs. “This young fellow needs these things to really enjoy his fourth of July and and you need a vacation too.” Jack Dalton flew his new Kinner-powered Waco airplane to Pendleton, and then he and Bill White followed John Seawell and John Hamley in their plane to the Diamond-and-a-Half. Hamley decked all four men in 10 gallon hats, silk shirts and cowboy boots for the occasion, and after arriving at the ranch, stayed up till 3 a.m. singing cowboy songs with the Whiteds.

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