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Preliminary study on the concentration of some heavy metals around a proposed cement factory in Kogi State Nigeria

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  • Agricultural Science


The analysis of soils from a cement mine site and the surrounding farmland for Ni, Pb, Co and Cd at different depths show concentrations that are generally below the maximum acceptable limits for land applications. Observed mean concentrations at the mine site are 0.3367 mg/kg, 0.1982 mg/kg and 0.1100 mg/kg for Ni, Pb and Co respectively. Cd was not detected. The observed mean concentrations in the surrounding farmland are 0.3800 mg/kg, 0.1705 mg/kg, 0.1143 mg/kg and 0.0064 mg/kg for Ni, Pb, Co and Cd respectively. Thus the mine site land was not suspected to contributing to the heavy metal content in the agricultural land. The results obtained could act as a benchmark for future determinations on same study area when mining activities eventually commences. © 2013 International Formulae Group. All rights reserved.Keywords: FAAS, Heavy metals, cement, mine soil, agricultural land.

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