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EC summit breaks through clouds over Europe. European Community No. 183, January- February 1975

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CONTENTS 3 A New Year, a New President Garret Fitzgerald It is Ireland's turn, under Community rotation rules, to chair the EC Council. The Irish Foreign Minister and EC Council President gives his New Year resolutions for the six-month Irish Presidency. He emphasizes close cooperation with the United States. 5 At the "Summit" Richard C. Longworth As the French Presidency of the EC Council drew to a close, the nine EC heads of government, their foreign ministers, and the EC Commission President assembled in Paris for a meeting at the "summit." Although the gloom that had clouded Europe for much of 1974 did not break completely, the summit did achieve certain bright spots, reports the European diplomatic correspondent for United Press International. 8 Soames Visits Washington For the ninth and latest round in the regular high-level US-EC consultations, EC Commission Vice President Christopher Soames came to Washington with the US Trade Reform Bill very much on his mind. His visit coincided with the centenary celebrations of the birth of his father-in-law and one of the fathers of European unity- Sir Winston Churchill. 10 The New, New Europe Andrew A. Mulligan The new director of the European Community Service opens the twenty-first year of European Community's publication with a look at European unity, US-EC relations, and the job of informing the people about both. INDEX to European Community, 1974, Numbers 172-182 12 Community News 18 Community Calendar 19 Recent Books 20 Publications Available PHOTO AND CARTOON CREDITS page 3: Stan Jennings Photography, Washington. page 8: Vince Finnigan & Associates, Washington. page 9 (left): Vince Finnigan & Associates, Washington. page 10: United Press International Photo, New York. page 11 (left): United Press International Photo, New York. page 11 (right): Vince Finnigan & Associates, Washington. European Community Information Service 2100 M Street, N.W. Suite 707 Washington, D.C. 20037

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