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Les Publicacions periòdiques a Catalunya en el moment del Diari Català (1879-1881): cens i estudi estadístic : II Premsa barcelonina

Butlletí de la Societat Catalana d'Estudis Històrics
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Second part about a panoramic censual of publication set that appears in Catalonia in the Restoration in the years of life of the Diari Català (Daily Catalan, 1879-1881), centrated now in the press of Barcelona and the press published in Catalan language out of Catalonia. They are classified by thematic and regularity, the repertoire is in Catalan language and also offered in Spanish language and of the daily press and the regular press. It is, then, a x-ray of the publications that appear in Barcelona in a moment of great vitality that allows to locate the newspaper of Valentí Almirall in the publishing context and at the same time to locate the statistical quantification of heading relations, according to language (Catalan/Spanish) and typology (informative, policy, instrumental, utilitarian), between other aspects. The conclusions of the all research finish this panoramic.

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