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A Vision based Geometrical Method to find Fingers Positions in Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition

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  • Human Computer Interface
  • Action Recognition
  • Real Time Systems
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Skin Filter
  • Natural Computing
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics


A novel method to calculate the bended finger’s angle has presented here which could be used to control the electro-mechanical robotic hand. It is assumed that the robotic hand has the human hand like joints and same number of degree of freedom as human hand. In many applications an equipment like human hand is needed, to do the same kind of operation like human do. These days it is easy to make the electro-mechanical robotic hand which has five fingers and same joint but it is not easily controllable as the human hand for accurate work. In our method the hand gesture will be interpreted for controlling the robotic hand. The angles for all the fingers will be calculated and that could be further passed to the robotic hand for controlling its finger. User would perform gesture according to the action as he wants to be done by robotic hand. Here finger positions are detected using geometric modeling of hand in the extracted image Region of interest cropping from the image made the algorithm faster.

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