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Respuesta de Seis Lineas Experimentales de Coffea Spp. a la Inoculacion con Meloidogyne exigua

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  • Coffee
  • Resistance
  • Root Knot Nematodes


The reaction of six experimental lines of Coffea spp. to the inoculation with M. exigua was evaluated under greenhouse conditions. The inoculum consisted of 15,000 eggs and/or J per plant. Evaluated lines included 'Catuai T 5267', 'Villa Sarchi T 3035' and 'Anfillo T 3824' of C. arabica; 'Robusta T 3759' of C. canephora and the hybrids between these two species 'Sarchimor T 5296' and 'Catimor T 8663' No significant differences between inoculated and non-inoculated plants were found in plant height, dry top weight, fresh root weight and foliar area 80 days after inoculation. Comparing the number of galls/plant, number of eggs/plant, gall diameter, total number of nematodes, number of females and number of juveniles/gall on 'Catuai', a well known susceptible cultivar, with those obtained in the others, the following classification was established: 'Catuai', 'Villa Sarchi', and 'Catimor' as susceptible; 'Anfillo' as moderately resistant; and 'Robusta' and 'Sarchimor' as resistant to M.

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