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Electric Power Per Unit of Labor and Labor Productivity



Increasing the level of electrification of production is the best and most reliable basis for achieving a further and greater growth of labor productivity. This was already substantiated in the GOELRO plan. The copy of the volume >u>The Plan for Electrification of the RSFSR>/u> [Plan elektrifikatsii RSFSR] used by V. I. Lenin carries the marginal notes "NB," marking as especially significant these lines: "Analysis shows that there are three ways to increase labor productivity: first, through intensification of work, that is, by making it more intense per unit of time; second, through mechanization, that is, by replacing human and animal brawn by mechanical power; third, through rationalization, that is, by regulating labor on rational foundations⦠all three basic elements of the productivity of labor â its intensity, extensive mechanization and general rationalization â are most closely connected with advances in electrification." (>u>1>/u>)

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