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The growth of IP communications (focusing on voice and video)

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This study aims, through both primary and secondary research methods, to discover if VoIP is going to become the communications method of the future. There is much talk of VoIP in the business world, and has been for several years. However it is only just starting to stray into the home market, it is this market which will form the focus of this study. Primary research in the form of a questionnaire has been completed to back up the trends found whilst carrying out the secondary research. It has been discovered that many individuals are already using VoIP. The driving factor for the home market is the available cost savings. Before VoIP takes a strong hold, issues such as security, power, and the ability to make emergency calls; have to be solved. The findings of this study are that VoIP, being dependant on broadband as the means of transporting digitized voice, has a positive correlation with broadband uptake, and has been predicted to take off just as rapidly, especially if the three previously mentioned problems get solved soon.

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