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Heating patterns of white bread loaf in combined radio frequency and hot air treatment

Elsevier Ltd
DOI: 10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2012.11.029
  • Heating Pattern
  • Bread
  • Radio Frequency
  • Hot Air Treatment


Abstract This research investigated heating uniformities of prepackaged bread loaf using combined radio frequency (RF) and hot air treatments to reduce mold growth. Experiments were conducted in a 6kW, 27.12MHz pilot-scale RF system. Effects of the gap between two RF plate electrodes, horizontal and vertical locations of bread loaf, as well as running speed of conveyor belt were studied. When the bread loaf was located in the center plane between the two electrodes 202mm apart, and on a conveyor belt moving at a speed of 1cm/s to reach a minimum sample temperature of 58°C, the temperature distribution within each slice was relatively uniform, with less than a 5°C difference. The cold spot was located at the core of the bread loaves. Higher surface temperature should be useful to assist in inactivation of molds that are commonly vegetated on the surface of the whole loaf.

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