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Bioactive compounds of Sphaeranthus africanus Linn. Part II

Chulalongkorn University
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  • Bioactive Compounds


The ethanolic crude extract of the whole plant of Sphaeranthus africanus Linn. exhibited cytotoxicity against various carcinoma cell lines and gave positive results for free radical scavenging avtivity test. Seven compounds were isolated namely stigmasterol, chrysophenol D, 3,7-dimethoxy-4',5,6-trihydroxyflavone, chrysophenol C, 3alpha, 5beta-diangeloxoyloxy-7-hydroxycarvotanacetone, l-angeloxoyloxy-3-[4'-angeloxoyloxy-3'-methoxy]-2-propene and 1-angeloxoyloxy-3-[4'-isopentanoloxoyloxy-3'-methoxy]-2-propene. The last compound was found to be a new compound. All isolated flavonoids (chrysophenol D, 3,7-dimethoxy-4',5,6-trihydroxy flavone, chrysophenol C) and 3alpha, 5beta-Diangeloxoyloxy-7-hydroxy carvotanacetone showed free radical scavenging activity against DPPH radical. 3alpha, 5beta-diangeloxoyloxy-7-hydroxy carvotanacetone and chrysophenol D also exhibited specifically cytotoxicity against KB cell

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