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Évaluation du recensement des morts encéphaliques par la coordination hospitalière de prélèvement au CHU de Lille

Elsevier SAS
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DOI: 10.1016/s0750-7658(02)00681-0
  • Donneur D’Organes
  • Prélèvement D’Organes
  • Coordination Hospitalière
  • Démarche Qualité
  • Brain Death
  • Organ Donation
  • Organ Procurement
  • Organ Procurement Organization
  • Quality Improvement
  • Design
  • Medicine


Abstract Objectives: To determine the incidence of brain death (BD) and to evaluate the registration of potential organ donors (PD) by the organ procurement team (OPT). Study design: Two-year prospective audit in the French university hospital of Lille. Patients and methods: All deaths occurring in the intensive care units or the emergency department were studied. If death was consecutive to brain damage, on-site review of medical records and charts was performed. Death cause, presence of criteria for brain death and reference to the OPT were recorded for each death. A medical expert staff evaluated the incidence of and reasons for unsuitability for organ donation. After 12 months of observation, a protocol for “systematic alert of the OPT when brain death is suspected” was broadcast and evaluated during the next 12 months. Results: During the first period, 277 BD occurred and 119 PD were suitable for organ donation. The OPT recorded 80 PD (67.2 % of all PD) and 45 multi-organ procurements (MOP) were performed. Physicians opposed two major reasons for not calling OPT : anticipation of a non-validated medical contraindication in 18 cases and approach of the family without the OPT team in 21 cases. After broadcast of the protocol, 110 PD were identified and the OPT was called in 93 cases (84.5 % of all PD, p<0.004 versus first period). Fifty-three MOP were performed. Conclusion: The OPT was not called to manage one-third of the PD. The protocol for “systematic alert of the OPT when brain death is suspected” improves the call of the OPT and increases MOP.

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