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Does Carbamazepine Alter the Electro-Convulsive Threshold?

Indian Journal of Psychiatry
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Indian Journal of Psychiatry, April 1985, 27(2), pp 173-175 Letters to the Editor Stability of Psychiatric Diagnosis Sir, I read with great interest the article "Sta- bility of psychiatric diagnosis (R. Ray and J. Roy Chowdhury, Indian Journal of Psychia- try, 26(2): 164-168, 1984). I have some doubts regarding the above article in which the total number of patients in Table 1,2 & 3 does not tally with the description of total sample. Also, the exact percentages in Table 2 and 3 should be corrected and given. P.B. BEHERE, KAMLESH TIWARI, Dept. of Psychiatry, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005. Reply: Following are my comments regarding the points raised by Dr. P. S. Behere and Ti- wari: Information on all the variables in all the patients' charts selected in the study are not available, hence the total does not tally. Precise precentage distribution in Table 2 should be like this: Unstable group re- admission 1 : 39 (47.5%), 2 : 21 (25.6%), 2 + :22 (26.8%). Precise percentage distri- bution in Table 3 should be like this: Nil: 33 (39.7 %), 1:31 (37.3 %), 2 :9(10.8 %), 2+ : 10 (12%). The error in calculating the percentages is unintentional and regretted. RAJAT RAY, NIMHANS, Bangalore. Does Carbamazepine Alter the Electro-Convulsive Threshold ? Sir, The use of Carbamazepine has in- creased greatly over the past few years, especially in the management of episodic psychoses resistant to other therapies. We would like to bring to the notice of readers, the possible influence of carbamazepine on electro-convulsive threshold. A thirty year old female suffering from schizoaffective illness of 10 years duration and major epilepsy of 6 years duration was admitted to our wards. Her epilepsy was well controlled with 60 mgm Phenobarbi- tone OD but she was suffering frequent re- lapses of psychosis. Carbamazepine (200 mg BD and 400 mg HS) and Lithium (600 mg t.i.d. with a serum level of 1.0 m Eq/L) wa

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