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P02-228 Epidemiological characteristics of an outpatients population followed-up by a French network of psychiatrists: New clinical data

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DOI: 10.1016/s0924-9338(09)71151-4
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Rationale Prevention of suicidal risk is the primary goal for private psychiatrists. However there are few evidence-base data to guide clinicians in the management of suicidal patients. Objective To describe the epidemiological profile of psychiatric outpatients at severe risk of suicide and to compare it with patients at no suicidal risk. Methods The GICIPI database totalized 7508 outpatients having at least one diagnosis on the MINI 5.0.0 life version, as of 31DEC2007. Patients with either no suicidal risk or a severe risk on the MINI were selected for analysis. Demographic, socio professional, diagnostic and psychometric parameters were compared between the two groups. Results Both groups had a similar mean age (40.3 vs 41.4 years). Data showed that the patients with a severe risk of suicide were more likely to be separated (13.29% vs 5.17%), divorced (10.76% vs 5.36%) or single (43.54 vs 28.48%). The mean weight of the two groups was comparable (72.1 kg vs 70.7 kg). The sex ratio was similar in both groups (69.6% women vs 68.6% men). There were no differences in the distribution of socio professional categories. Most strikingly, although the initial MADRS scores were higher in patients at high risk of suicide (27.1 vs 23), the HAMA scores were significantly lower (5.4 vs. 15.2). Discussion and conclusion These results will be compared to the literature, and a profile of the patient at high risk of suicide, as seen in everyday private practice, will be described, hence helping to improve the management of these suicidal outpatients.

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