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“It's Mine”-Chapter 12:Kids Carrying Their Culture Wherever They Go

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-0-12-374900-0.00012-0
  • Musicology


Publisher Summary This chapter summarizes the results from interviews with children ages five to 12 who used portable gaming devices, video players, music players, and cell phones, conducted in three jurisdictions of Northern Virginia. Interviewed children shared their ideas about their mobile technologies, which included portable gaming devices, video players, music players, and cell phones. The children discussed the kinds of technologies they used as well as how and why they used what they did with their friends and parents. Issues such as ownership, control, portability, customization, and collaboration emerged in these discussions. It was discovered through these discussions that children had strong sense of ownership and control over the technology. They stored their devices in areas dedicated to their most important belongings. They took the time to decorate and personalize them. And when they used them, they felt empowered. By having a device in their hands children could make independent choices about what to do with their time—what games were worth playing, which characters deserved a laugh, what songs were allowed to play over and over in their heads. By carrying these devices with them, children have the freedom to tune into their own culture—and in subtle ways, broadcast it—wherever they go. Portability was the overarching message identified from these interviews. Because children can carry these devices, they can truly possess and control them.

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