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Ryukyan resources at the University of Hawaii

Center for Asian and Pacific Studies/Council for Japanese Studies, University of Hawaii
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  • Ryukyu
  • Okinawa
  • Frank Hawley
  • Shunzo Sakamaki
  • University Of Hawaii At Manoa Library
  • Asia Collection
  • Japan Collection
  • Okinawa Collection
  • Ryukyuan Studies
  • Okinawan Studies
  • Bibliography
  • Ryukyuan Resources
  • Okinawan Resources


Reprint and digitization are permitted by the School of Pacific and Asian Studies (SPAS), a successor to the CAPS. The article is in the Part I: Introductory essays pp.1-68 in “Ryukyu: An annotated bibliography,” edited by Matsui, Masato, Tomoyoshi Kurokawa, and Minako I. Song. 1981.

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