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Ephemeral Cities: Hub & Spokes of Project Design (Presentation for the SOLINET Annual Membership Meeting May 2004)

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Microsoft PowerPoint - EPChub.ppt [Compatibility Mode] E p h e m e r a l C i t i e s E p h e m e r a l C i t i e s Erich Kesse ? University of Florida ? [email protected] H u b & S p o k e s o f P r o j e c t D e s i g nH u b & S p o k e s o f P r o j e c t D e s i g n H u b & S P O K E H u b & S P O K E • Tampa Cigars + Industrial History + Cuban Heritage • Key West Seafaring & Shipping + Military History Historic Gateway to the Caribbean Florida Cities Gainesville Education + Railroad History + Historic Boundary between North & South 1880-1910 Florida Partnerships Gainesville University of Florida + Alachua County Library District Alachua County Public Records Office Matheson History Center & Museum, Inc. + Citizens of the greater Gainesville area Local Partnerships Florida Partnerships Key West Florida International University + City of Key West, Florida Key West Art & Historical Society Monroe County Public Library + South Florida Water Management District + Citizens of the Florida Keys Local Partnerships Florida Partnerships Tampa University of South Florida + Henry B. Plant Museum Tampa Bay History Center + Citizens of the Tampa Bay Area Local Partnerships • PALMM Puiblications of Archival, Library, & Museum Materials Florida Center for Library Automation with content drawn from around the state Florida Partnerships Lead Institutions Florida Collections PALMM Florida Environments Online Florida Heritage Collection Florida Historical Legal Documents Floridiana on the Web (Tampa Bay Region) Milemarkers: Linking Keys History Reclaiming the Everglades Sanborn™ Maps of Florida University of Florida Herbarium Collections World Map Collections: “Florida Map Collection” Distributed Collections Alachua County Archives (“Ancient Records”) Alachua County Library District (“Heritage Collection”) Florida State

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