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The Croatian philosopher Frane Petrić on the physical and metaphysical nature of light

Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus; [email protected]


Sadrzaj 204.pmd Kinesiology 36(2004) 2:121-122 121 Each new issue of the peer reviewed international journal Kinesiology is a bundle of joy for both the authors and the members of the Editorial Board. At the same time it is, hopefully, a small step further in the im- provement of the journal’s quality. In this issue we wish to introduce a novelty practice: one world distinguished kinesiologist or sport scientist will prepare a review article about the advances and positions in the fi eld of his/her research interest. In principle, the Editorial Board will invite reviews, but you are, dear Reader, encouraged to propose a topic or even submit a review on whichever of the numerous kinesiology-related topics. To begin the series Professor Ilkka Vuori, MD, PhD, our dear Finnish colleague and a Kinesiology Editorial Board member, has prepared an article on the relationships between physical activity and health. The review offers up-to-date insights, based on a vast number of research studies cited in the impressive list of references, into the infl uence physical activity or physical inactivity has on health and the quality of life. A lot of interesting events related to the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, and in the domains of sport, physical education and leisure-time sport in Croatia marked the year 2004. This year the Faculty of Kinesiology cele- brated the forty-fi fth anniversary of its work. In the history of this institution of higher edu- cation more than 4,500 students have gra- duated and attained the professional title of physical education teachers and sport trainers. More than 200 Masters of Science and almost a hundred Doctors of Philosophy defended pub- licly their theses and dissertations in the sci- entifi c fi eld of kinesiology. On this occasion two new publications have been prepared. One is a richly illustrated monograph on the Faculty of Kinesiology’s establishment and work. The other is a bibliography of the works t

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