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BrainBasher: a BCI Game

Eindhoven University of Technology
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  • Design


Brain-computer interaction (BCI) is starting to focus on healthy subjects. This research adresses the effects of using this novel input modality to control a simple game, and also looks into the beneficial effects of bringing game elements into BCI experiments. A simple BCI game has been developed and evaluated with fifteen subjects using the Game Experience Questionnaire (GEQ) developed at the Eindhoven Game Experience Lab. Three variations of the game were evaluated for comparison: the original game with BCI input, one with keyboard input, and one with a more clinical look leaving out all extraneous information. The keyboard-controlled game was considered easy and boring, whereas using BCI for input resulted in a more challenging, immersive and richer experience. The design and additional information presented by the game also resulted in higher immersion compared to the clinical design.

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