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An Analysis of Prepositional Error Correction in TEM8 and Its Implications for FL Learning

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  • Tem8
  • Proofreading & Error Correction
  • Prepositional Error Correction
  • Analyses
  • Implications For Fl Learning


As English majors, it is necessary to learn prepositions well. Nevertheless, things are not always the case. Many scholars have paid much attention to each section of TEM8, whereas this article will just focus on one issue of one section in TEM8. With view to contributing to FL learning and making English majors and non-English major learners perceive the prepositional real connotation, this article aims to analyze the incorrect use (misuse) of prepositions in proofreading & error correction in TEM8. Firstly, the article reviews prepositions and general situations of English majors’ performance in proofreading & error correction in TEM8 and, secondly, analyzes the errors on the use of prepositions and prepositional error correction in TEM8. Finally, mainly on the basis of analyses, the author puts forward some suggestions and summarizes some beneficial implications for FL learning such as referring to the dictionary often, understanding the basic classifications of prepositions, identifying the different meaning between different prepositions, and accumulating different prepositional phrases, with the purpose of facilitating students’ language internalization, enhancing their capability of language use, especially strengthening their pragmatic competence as well as developing their abilities of language cognition and critical thinking.

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