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Services as Materials: Using Mashups for Research

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ServicesAsMaterials Services as Materials: Using Mashups for Research Henriette Cramer, Mattias Rost, Lars Erik Holmquist Mobile Life @ SICS Kista (Stockholm), Sweden [email protected], {rost, [email protected] ABSTRACT Using existing services as development and research materials can greatly reduce development burdens. However, using mashups and existing services has consequences that go beyond the technical realm. We present our ongoing experience with developing and promoting a mobile mash-up implemented in the mobile web browser: Spotisquare. Spotisquare is a mash-up of the location-based service foursquare and music streaming service Spotify. We discuss advantages and tradeoffs of using existing services and the mobile mash-up process, including interaction model choices, as well as validity and representational issues. Author Keywords Services as Materials, Materiality, Research in the Large, Wide distribution, Mashups ACM Classification Keywords H.m Miscellaneous. General Terms Experimentation, Human Factors INTRODUCTION A few years ago two of the authors were involved in building Push!Music, a mobile application that allowed music tracks to move between users’ devices using ad-hoc radio connections [5]. To test this concept we had to not only write the software for a specific platform, but also buy expensive handheld computers with Wi-Fi and loan them to test subjects to use them instead of their regular mp3 players. This meant we could only have about 10 users at a time; achieving ‘critical mass’ was impossible. Current technology however makes it possible to develop new mobile services by mash-ups of existing components or services. Many of which in addition can be run on a common platform, namely the browser. This negates the need for native apps for every platform; useful, as even the iPhone only has a 3% market share. This offers great possibilities for researchers to quickly implement mobile concepts

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