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Symbiosis as evolution from chemical defense to structural defense (compartmentation)

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Symbiosis as evolution from chemical defense to structural defense (compartmentation). ISE Letters International Journal on ENDOCYTOBIOSIS AND CELL RESEARCH Organ of the International Society of Endocytobiology (ISE) E n d o c y t o b i o s i s & C e l l Res. 8, 2/3 (1992) VI SELFISH ORIGIN OF VIRUSOIDS FROM Ml RNA-LIKE RIBOZYME HOMO- LOGOUS TO THE E.COLI rrnD OPERON, AS VIEWED FROM THE ORI- GIN AND EVOLUTION OF tRNA K. O h n i s h i 109 PEPTIDYLTRANSFERASE REGION OF 23S rRNA IS A HOMOLOGUE OF 5S rRNA K. O h n i s h i , J . Tanaka 121 SECONDARY STRUCTURE OF THE 23S RIBOSOMAL RIBONUCLEIC ACID FROM HALOBACTERIUM MARISMORTUI. N. U l b r i c h , M. Brombach, T. Specht, V.A. Erdmann 127 ON THE MOLECULAR EVOLUTION OF UBIQUITIN M. Wettern, J . von Kampen 139 COMPUTER-AIDED 3D-RECONSTRUCTION OF THE EYESPOT-MATING STRUC- TURE-FLAGELLAR APPARATUS ASSOCIATIONS DÜRING FERTILIZATION OF CHLAMYDOMONAS REINHARDTII K.P. G a f f a l , S. el-Gammal, C.-G. A r n o l d 151 WEAK EXPRESSION OF THE PATHOGENESIS RELATED PR-b 1 GENE AND LOCALIZATION OF RELATED PROTEIN DÜRING SYMBIOTIC ENDOMYCOR- RHIZAL INTERACTIONS IN TOBACCO ROOTS V. G i a n i n a z z i - P e a r s o n , A. T a h i r i - A l a o u i , J.F. Antoniw, S. G i a n i n a z z i , E. Dumas * 177 ENDOCYTOBIOSIS IN BLATTELLA GERMANICA L. (BLATTODEA: BLAT- TELLIDAE): THE DYNAMICS OF BACTERIOCYTE DIVISION A. G r i g o l o , L. S a c c h i , L. Zonta, U. Laudani, M. Zunino 187 A b s t r a c t s and Reports The Freiburg-Workshop: I n t r a c e l l u l a r Symbiosis 1990 197-229 INTRACELLULAR SYMBIOSIS (PROJECT OF THE DEUTSCHE FORSCHUNGS- GEMEINSCHAFT) : REPORT OF THE FREIBURG-WORKSHOP (13.2.1990) P. S i t t e 197 THE TRANSFER OF METABOLITES FROM AND TO CYANELLES IN CYANQ- PHORA PARADOXA R. S c h l i c h t i n g , K. K l o o s , H. Bothe 199 EXCRETION OF SUGARS BY SYMBIOTIC AND NON-SYMBIOTIC CHLOREL- LA SPECIES E. K e s s l e r 200 con t i n u e d on page V ( i n s i d e back cover) E n d o c

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