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Measures to promote the reuse of waste paper. Information Memo P-36/80, May 1980

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KOMMISSIONEN FOR DE COMMISSION OF THE COMMISSIONE DELLE EUROP€ISKE FIELLESSK AtsERS - KOMMISSION DER EUROPIISCHEN GEMEINSCHAFTEN _ EUROPEAN.COMMUNITIES - COMMISSION DES COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES _ COMUNITA EUROPEE - COMMISSIE VAN DE EUROPESE GEMEENSCHAPPEN P- TAL SMANDF\]S GRUPPf SPRFC H F R CRUPPE iPOKESMAN S GROUP GROUPF DU PORTL PAROLE GRUPPO DEL PORTAVOCE BUREAU VAN DE WOORDVOEROER 1{0TE Il't1{t(|RMATt0l{ II(|TA ll'IilFllRMAZ|t)l{E TER DIICUMEI{TIE II{FORMATIOI{ LIEffi&ffiY . I]{Ft|RMATORISCHE AUFZEICHI{Ul{G 11{F(lRMATI(II{ MEM(l BrusseLs, May 1980 1 Me ns.u.nEj..J.9-.P.Ro.llorE r4E R.Euse . {-U4!ILE4!E!' The Commission has just Laid before the CounciI a recommendation setting forth the generat pi'incipLes of a policy on the recovery and reuse of waste paper and board. It aLso g'ives suggestions as to what action should be taken at nationaL, regionaL and LocaL LeveL. 1 . Re coqme.n4.ed .qcj i o.rl The Commission proposes that the Member States shoul.d impLement poLicies designed to: - encourage the use of recycLed - and recycLabLe - paper and board, especiaILy in the nationaL administrations, pubLic and nationaL civiL service bodies which can set an exampLe; - encourage, where feasibLe, the use of recycLed paper and board containing a high percentage of mixed waste paper; - re-exam.ine, in the Iight of recent technoLogicaL advances, the existing specifications for pap"r products which restrict, for reasons other than f itting a product folits task, the use of recycled paper; - impLement programmes of consumer and manufacturer education to promote paper and board products made from recycLed fibres; - deve[op and promote uses for waste paper other than as raw materia[ for the manufacture of paper and board. 2. Reasons for a poLicv on the reuse-pf. wastF paper The recovery and Feuse of waste paper is a fundamentaL objective of the Communitiesr anti-waste poIi cY. Waste paper constitutes a significant percentage of urban waste. It is therefore use

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