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Pituitary Body, Hypothalamus and Parasympathetic Nervous System

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86 YALE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE THE HISTORY AND EPIDEMIOLOGY OF SYPHILIS. By Wm. Allen Pusey, M.D., Professor of Dermatology Emeritus, University of Illinois. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Ill., 1933. Not the least of the many attributes essential to the really good book is readability,-especially readability by that group most likely to benefit by the reading. To attain such a quality, when the subject matter deals with scien- tific fact, is, indeed, difficult unless the exposition is designed to serve those who are specialists in the field covered. Thus it is that most texts become so encumbered with technical terms as to render them unintelligible to the lay reader, or so thoroughly popularized as to rob them of all claim to virtue. A middle course is difficult, and it is in just the happy choice of such a course that the present text meets its objective. It is a treatise which can be read with profit by the scientist as well as by the general reader. Portraying a phase of science which could easily allow other values to gain the ascendency, the author has, with much charm, retained a conserva- tism of exposition which lends weight to the important facts presented. He has chosen wisely and well, and the concise story of syphilis as here presented is not to be found in such understandable form elsewhere. But three short chapters suffice to cover the history and the epidemiology of syphilis; in this space is summarized the entire story of one of the most important of diseases. Inescapable is the conclusion that the riches of the Indies were not without their attendant evils in their effect upon the Old World. Equally unavoid- able are the conclusions of the author relative to present-day methods for the control of the disease. The intervening pages form a fascinating tale of the step-by-step advances in knowledge of syphilis and of the personalities who have contributed. G. H. SMITH. PITUITARY BODY, HYPOTHALAMUS AND PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. By Harvey Cushing, M.D. Charles

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