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The Influences Exerted on the Bone Marrow by the Blocking of Parasympathetic Nerves Part 3 Influences on the Bone Marrow Culture of the Lower Extremeties in Fluid Medium by Sectioning Posterior Root of Lumbosacral Segments of Spinal Cord of Dog

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By sectioning the posterior roots of the fifth, sixth, and seventh lumbar regions of spinal cord as well as the first sacral segment, the author studied the influences on the bone marrow culture of lower extremeties in fluid medium on the left side of young dog, comparing these with those on the right side as the control; and obtained the following results: 1) The rate of increase in erythrocytes falls as compared with that of the control. 2) The rate of increase in hemoglobin content likewise decreases as compared with that of the control. From the above the author arrived at the conclusion that the blocking of the parasympathetic nerves induces the lowering of erythropoieic functions in the bone marrow parenchyma.

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