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l-Arabinose Binding Protein from Escherichia coli B/r

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  • Genetics And Molecular Biology
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A protein which is capable of binding l-arabinose-1-14C has been isolated from l-arabinose-induced cultures of Escherichia coli B/r. Analysis for this l-arabinose-binding protein (ABP) in a number of l-arabinose-negative mutants suggests that the ABP is not coded for by any of the known genetic units of the l-arabinose complex yet is under the control of the regulator gene araC. The ABP has been purified and found to bind l-arabinose, d-fucose, d-xylose, and l-ribulose with decreasing affinities. The Km for l-arabinose is 5.7 × 10−6m. The molecular weight, as determined by equilibrium centrifugation, was found to be 32,000. The protein was observed to have many features that liken it to other recently isolated binding proteins that have been implicated in the active transport of small molecules.

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