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Development Of Data Acquisition System For Tyre Force Measuring Device

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  • T Technology (General)
  • Tl Motor Vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics


In this study, a data acquisition system for the tire force measuring device is developed. The tire force measuring device requires twelve strain gauges which all of them act as active gauges that produces output for a specific force or moment component. Wheatstone Half Bridge is applied in determining the changes in the resistance of the strain gauges which is then converted into voltage changes. Each force or moment is assigned to two strain gauges which one of the strain gauge is assigned to compression while the other strain gauge is assigned to tension. Amplifier and filter are not needed as the data acquisition system managed to detect outputs from the device and the device is applied solely in automotive applications where forces and moments are expected to be large, rendering small noises negligible. A graphical user interface is programmed using MATLAB to bridge the link between the user and the tire force measuring device. The tire force measuring device is calibrated through experimental means. The graphical user interface provides the means of graphical output in terms of graphs.

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