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A case of solitary kidney with duplex collecting systems and renal vascular variants in an adult male cadaver

  • Salimy, Mehdi S.
  • Luiselli, Gabrielle A.
  • Yuen, Megan
  • Healy, Rose C.
  • Shah, S. G.
  • Giannaris, Eustathia Lela
  • Das, Manas
  • Wink, Alexandra E.
Publication Date
Aug 04, 2020
[email protected]
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We describe a unique solitary kidney with duplex collecting system and vascular variation observed in an 86-year-old White male formaldehyde- and phenol-fixed cadaver during routine academic dissection. The left renal fossa was empty with an intact adrenal gland, and the right renal fossa contained a fused renal mass with apparent polarity between the superior and inferior regions and two renal pelves converging into a single ureter. There were three right renal arteries supplying the renal mass; the superior and middle arteries were noted to be postcaval and the inferior artery was precaval. There were also two right renal veins draining into the inferior vena cava and following a regional distribution with the superior vein draining the inferior portion of the renal mass. Despite generally being asymptomatic, the detection of renal anatomical variants is clinically important for appropriate patient management and surgical interventions.

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