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Carta geológico-geotécnica como subsídio a elaboração de cartas de sensibilidade ambiental, a derrames de petróleo e derivados, na região do oleoduto Guararema-São José dos Campos, Vale do Paraíba (SP)

  • Oliveira, Érica Mantovani de
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Apr 24, 2009
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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The present work proposed to elaborate a geological-geotechnical map, for the “Guararema- São José dos Campos” pipe-line to subzide the elaboration of Environmental Sensitivity to Oil and Derivatives Spill Maps, in Vale of Paraíba. The area is situated in the east São Paulo state and is caracterized for contrast of the Sedimentary Hills of Basin Tubaté and Crystaline Mounts of Serra do Mar and Mantiqueira; different litologis (gnaiss, shales, granites, sandstone, claystone, siltstone, etc.), the presence of the Paraíba of Sul river, the Santa Branca dam, environmental protection areas and the “Guararema-São José dos Campos” pipe-line. Accidents with pipe-line happened yet (1987, 1994 and 1998) and can occur again, minimizing the environment quality. Hence, a geotechnical cartography metodology has been adopted - Basic Compartiment Units (BCU’s) – the following cartography document, on a 1: 50,000 scale, was made: a Geological-Geothecnical Units map, with seven units (one in Fluvial Plan and two in Sedimentary Hills and four in Crystalline Mounts) accompanied by a syntesis table of the physical environment conditioners. These results allows us to affirm that the geological-geotechnical maps can be instruments used in the making of Environmental Sensitivity Maps in inland areas. The physical environment attributes are: type and forms of relief, declivity, type rivers, depth of the water level, tipe of soils and litologis, characteristics of soil/rocks (discontinuities, porosity, permeability, the aquifer’s recharge capacity and the potential retention of the contaminant.

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