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Capillary detectors for high resolution tracking

  • Annis, P.
  • Bay, A.
  • Bonekamper, D.
  • Buontempo, S.
  • Ereditato, A.
  • Fabre, J.P.
  • Fiorillo, G.
  • Frekers, D.
  • Frenkel, A.
  • Galeazzi, F.
  • Garufi, F.
  • Goldberg, J.
  • Golovkin, S.
  • Hoepfner, K.
  • Konijn, J.
  • Kozarenko, E.
  • Kreslo, I.
  • Liberti, B.
  • Martellotti, G.
  • Medvedkov, A.
  • And 13 more
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1997
DOI: 10.1016/S0920-5632(97)00097-2
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We present a new tracking device based on glass capillary bundles or layers filled with highly purified liquid scintillator and read out at one end by means of image intensifiers and CCD devices. A large-volume prototype consisting of 5 × 105 capillaries with a diameter of 20 μm and a length of 180 cm and read out by a megapixel CCD has been tested with muon and neutrino beams at CERN. With this prototype a two track resolution of 33 μm was achieved with passing through muons. Images of neutrino interactions in a capillary bundle have also been acquired and analysed. Read-out chains based on Electron Bombarded CCD (EBCCD) and image pipeline devices are also investigated. Preliminary results obtained with a capillary bundle read out by an EBCCD are presented.

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