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On the Capacity of Wireless Multicast Networks

  • Mirghaderi, Seyed Reza
  • Bayesteh, Alireza
  • Khandani, Amir K.
Publication Date
May 27, 2008
Submission Date
May 27, 2008
arXiv ID: 0805.4248
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The problem of maximizing the average rate in a multicast network subject to a coverage constraint (minimum quality of service) is studied. Assuming the channel state information is available only at the receiver side and single antenna nodes, the highest expected rate achievable by a random user in the network, called expected typical rate, is derived in two scenarios: hard coverage constraint and soft coverage constraint. In the first case, the coverage is expressed in terms of the outage probability, while in the second case, the expected rate should satisfy certain minimum requirement. It is shown that the optimum solution in both cases (achieving the highest expected typical rate for given coverage requirements) is achieved by an infinite layer superposition code for which the optimum power allocation among the different layers is derived. For the MISO case, a suboptimal coding scheme is proposed, which is shown to be asymptotically optimal, when the number of transmit antennas grows at least logarithmically with the number of users in the network.

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