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Calibration of nuclear recoils at the 100 eV scale using neutron capture

  • Thulliez, L.
  • Lhuillier, D.
  • Chebboubi, A.
  • Dumonteil, E.
  • Erhart, A.
  • Giuliani, A.
  • Gunsing, F.
  • Jericha, E.
  • Kaznacheeva, M.
  • Kinast, A.
  • Langenkämper, A.
  • Lasserre, T.
  • Letourneau, A.
  • Litaize, O.
  • de Marcillac, P.
  • Marnieros, S.
  • Materna, T.
  • Mauri, B.
  • Nones, C.
  • Ortmann, T.
  • And 11 more
Publication Date
Nov 27, 2020
Submission Date
Nov 27, 2020
University of Michigan Library Repository
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The development of low-threshold detectors for neutrinos and dark matter necessitates low-energy calibration. We suggest this can be provided by the nuclear recoils resulting from the $\gamma$ emission following neutron capture. There is often a well defined MeV-scale $\gamma$ associated to a nuclear recoil in the 100 eV range. Using the FIFRELIN code, $\gamma$-cascades of various isotopes can be predicted with high accuracy. We present a comprehensive experimental concept for the calibration of CaWO$_4$ and Ge cryogenic detectors and show the potential of additional $\gamma$-tagging to extend the reach of the method.

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