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  • Japanese American College Students -- Oregon
  • Japanese American College Students -- Social Conditions -- 20Th Century
  • Japanese Americans -- Evacuation And Relocation
  • 1942-1945
  • Students
  • Transfer Of -- Oregon
  • National Japanese American Student Relocation Council
  • University Of Oregon


Photocopied from material belonging to the Division of Special Collectiens & : University Archive, University of Oregon Libraries. This photocopy is for research use only. Further reproduction or citing requires permission. Please contact us at libweb. uoregon. edu/ speccolly 1 April SO, 1942 Dean George Allen Odgers Multnomah College 819S. W. 6th Avenue Portland, Oregon Dear Dean Odgers: We took a census of our Japanese students on the forms pro'. ? laid by the Seattle Committee,- although the- returns are not yet all in from those who had alreadybeen gone when the forms arrived. I am enclosing a slip, oontaining what , information vas given on these returns in regard to oollegs to which our students desire to go. . I am also enclosing a copy of a note just sent to a boy who left a feeveeks ago to help his family wind, up its affairs, which is self. explanatory. I em afraid that the popular outcry in the neighborhood of a good many eastern colleges which ...,, rose when the news got abroad that Japanese students might bs received* is hav. tag its. effect* I gathered in a note from Conard that a committee of eastern college presidents is working. on the problem of got. tine an agreement to accept them, bit I haven't heard anything more from it. • I had a note this morning from one of the boys now at the University of Utah, saying that, h0 is getting along all rievt,_ fiat Watitiftetielisfér elsailiere because that institution doesn't have the advanced eoursee he needs. 4e: said: that there are only half a dozen Japanese students there now * Qt Course* more may be in the process of being admitted. He left here at the end oflourAin. ter quarter and entered there at the beginning of their spring guars ter. Please let me know if I might be of any help, or if there is any newt which might be of help to our Japanese students* With best ' swishes* Very sincerely, Karl W. Onthank Dean of Personnel Administration KITO sdh

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