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Les entreprises communes au sein du CAEM (l'exemple des relations polono-soviétiques, 1984-1988)

Revue d’études comparatives Est-Ouest
Editions NecPlus
Publication Date
DOI: 10.3406/receo.1990.1447
  • Economics


Joint venture enterprises within Comecon (the example of Soviet-Polish relations 1984-1988) The idea of setting up joint venture enterprises within Comecon, especially between the USSR and individual member countries, is one of the elements in the programme for transformation of the economic mechanisms of that organization. The author outlines the problem of joint ventures within Comecon taking Poland as his example. Occasion- naly, he has to put forward theories of his own, to make up for the absence of reliable data, since economic relations between the USSR and Poland are still the subject of considerable reticence. After outlining the origins of the problem, he turns to the history of joint Soviet- Polish enterprises, which have had their difficulties. But co-operation between the two countries has none the less made progress as is shown by the list of enterprises already functioning, and the number of projects at present in operation. The author considers that Soviet-Polish economic relations have recently entered a new phase, but no one can predict their development with any certainty, on account of the upheavals at present taking place in Eastern Europe as a whole.

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