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Standardization of Assay Procedures for Analysis of the CSF Biomarkers Amyloid 𝛽 ( 𝟏 - 𝟒 𝟐 ) , Tau, and Phosphorylated Tau in Alzheimer's Disease: Report of an International Workshop

International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease
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Large variation in assay performance and outcomes of CSF A 𝛽 1-42, total Tau (Tau), and phosphorylated Tau (pTau) (at amino acid 181) levels is observed between laboratories. The aim of this study was to assess the differences in assay procedures between several experienced international laboratories, as potential sources of error. 14 groups performed the A 𝛽 42, Tau, and pTau assays according to the guidelines of the manufacturer. Differences in analytical procedures between the laboratories were monitored. At least 23 items in assay procedures were identified that varied between the laboratories, including procedures for washing, pipetting, incubation, finishing, and sample handing. In general, the inter- and intra-assay variation between the groups was generally below 10% for all three assays. We concluded that 17 international centers that use the same assays for A 𝛽 42, Tau and pTau on a regular basis do not uniformly adhere to the procedures recommended by the manufacturer. For harmonization of intercenter results of these biomarkers standardization of protocols is highly needed.

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