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[The application of promazine in sedation of restless children before dental treatment]

School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatian Dental Society - Croatian Medical Association
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  • Medicine


The authors applied Promazine ( Prazine »Pliva«, Sparine »Wyeth«) in a dose of 25 mg (1 tab let) an hour to an hour and a half prior to undertaking a therapeutic intervention in order to calm agitated and restless children aged from 3 to 15 years. They noticed that the hyperm otorial activity of the small patients decreased. In spite of the fact that some children screamed, they permitted treatment to be carried out in their mouths. Promazine had a sedative effect in 70 patients, i.e. in 80 to 86,7% of ali cases. Especially during the second visit to the dentist was the effect more marked and in the course of the follow ing visits the application of Promazine could be omitted. On some children Promazine had no effect at all (1 3 .3— 2 0 % ). These were particularly serious cases. These children screamed while in the waiting room and it was impossible to take them into the surgery without using force. In such cases we prescribed a day earlier in the evening 25 mg (1 tablet) and another 25 mg (1 tablet) of Promazine an hour to an hour and a half before starting the actual treatment. In some children complete indifference to their urroundings was noticed after application of Promazine and they had to be escorted home.

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