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The notions of clericalism and anticlericalism

Christian Academic Circle (CRAC)
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Anticlericalism is an old phenomenon and attributable to dirferent causes and specific in different periods of history. As far as clericalism is concerned, it is often criticised in the form of repeated, severe and uncontrolled attacks against the Church. Nevertheless, if studied in a serious and scholarly way, it turns out that it is little known what it really is. Reference literature provides evidence and definition of what clericalism is. The early Christianity was a non-political religion, but it relied on personal conscience. Jesus himself said his Kingdom is not of this world. Later, Christianity was viewed by the state authorities as an ally in administering their subjects and as a political religion. It meant that the Church should be competent for family jurisdiction, education and public morality. The times of revolutions put an end to this function of the Church and separated the Church from the State which gave rise to some frictions mostly described and defmed in terms of clericalism or anticlericalism.

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