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Richard A. Davis Retires as JCR Associate Editor

Journal of Coastal Research


Journal of Coastal Research 952 West Palm Beach, Florida Summer 2000 ,tllllllllt. &FJJle..; NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Richard A. Davis Retires as JCR Associate Editor Richard "Skip" Davis retires with this issue of the JCR as Associate Editor (AE) for Coastal Geological Processes. Skip was a reviewer of scientific manuscripts submitted to the JCR for many years, probably the better part of the last de- cade. Having officially served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Coastal Research since 1997, Skip was in charge of the peer review process for probably several hundred man- uscripts that were submitted to the JCR. His oversight and experience, personal contacts with coastal specialists around the world, and wide experience enabled Skip to provide high quality vetting for contributions. The coastal research com- munity is indebted to Skip Davis for his gratis service as an editor and reviewer to the JCR and we give him a collective "thank you" for his kind support, interest, and stewardship. It is uncommon for contributors to benefit so much from long years of academic and professional performance as exhibited by Skip Davis. It is perhaps worth while taking a moment to reflect on the role of Associate Editors in general. Sometimes, what is ob- vious to one observer is not evident to another looking from a different point of view. With that thought in mind, it should be clear that it would not be possible to produce the high quality papers that appear in the JCR if it were not for the unstinting and unselfish service of the Associate Editors. The AEs provide an essential service to both researchers and the journal; they additionally constitute a critical link or focal point in the chain of command from the Editor-in-Chief to the regular editorial board members. The AEs conduct the peer review process from manuscript receipt to final adjudi- cation of the revised papers. There is often considerable cor- respondence that involves peer reviewers and authors. Ad- ditionally, there is the ma

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