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Информационная технология интеграции баз данных

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  • Information Technology
  • Database
  • Integration
  • Information System
  • Database Management System
  • информационная технология
  • база данных
  • интеграция
  • информационная система
  • система управления базами данных
  • УДК 004.652.8
  • інформаційна технологія
  • база даних
  • інтеграція
  • інформаційна система
  • система управління базами даних
  • Design
  • Engineering


The article considers the problem that has developed in the course of decentralized organization automation, and its possible solutions. To eliminate the defects it was suggested to integrate the databases of heterogeneous information systems into a single database of organization. A study of existing methodologies, approaches and practices of the integration of databases took place. The article suggests the formal description of the information technology of database integration, which allows you to select some solutions from a variety of approaches to database integration, to determine their interaction and their application to solve the problems of integration of databases of information systems. This information technology can be implemented as a tool, with its further application in the operation of the design organizations for the re-engineering of information systems

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