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Letter from Eugene Garfield to Joshua Lederberg

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New Address: 1122 Spring Garden Street, Phila. 23 Dr. Joshua Lcderberg Genetics Dept. Stanford Univ; Stanford, California May 21, 1959 Dear Dr. Lederberg: Your letter was delayed somewhat in the process of being forwarded from my old office at Smith, Kline & French where f was formerly a consultant with “resident” status. I: wrote the article for Science on Citation Indexes while setting up an information system on chlorpromazine at SKF. I hope you won’t be embarassed by a show of emotion, but your memo al- most brought tears to my eyes. It then seemed that over six years of trying to sell the idea of citation indexes had not been completely in vain. You might be surprised how few people will take the time and trouble to scribble such a note. When asked many endorse the idea, but don’t get worked up about it enough to write spontaneously. One exception is Dr. Gordon Allen at the NIH and I wonder if perhaps his intcrest has not been responsible for reminding you. I sent 15 copies of my paper to the Amer. Sot. of Human Genetics in connection with a possible research project. Returning to your letter--yes I too have had countless instances when I could have benefited from a Citation Index. In fact just yesterday I could have used one in trying to find some information in Chemical Abstracts. You are so right when you say my critics have not gxasped the idea. I try to be tolerant of those who have not had much time to study the problem. Even those who say it is a good idea frequently don’t raally know how they would use it--or how it differs from conventional indexing. As to opposition from the established outfits--there is no end of this. Chemical Abstract8 pays lip service to Citation Indexes, but does nothing about them. Even my friends at Biological Abstracts and the Current List of Medical Literature who accept my judgement on many other anventional problems--look upon Citation Indexes as something impractical and unnecessary--particularly when the

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