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Rapid recognition of group B streptococci by pigment production and counterimmunoelectrophoresis.

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Streptococci from clinical isolates were studied for their ability to produce pigment in stab cultures in Columbia agar. Serological grouping of these organisms was done by counterimmunoelectrophoresis using Burroughs-Wellcome antisera. In this group of isolates, 66 of the 68 organisms grouped as B by serological testing produced pigment in the Columbia agar stab cultures. Pigment was not produced by any of the other 36 streptococci studied (11 group A, 9 group C, 4 group D, and 12 nongroupable). The use of the Columbia agar stab culture is recommended as a rapid and simple test for recognition of group B streptococci. The counterimmunoelectrophoresis test is also suggested as a convenient, rapid, and sensitive method for grouping the streptococci.

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