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Environment and health: 2. Global climate change and health

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A FAMILY GUIDE −− 20 Easy Steps to Personal Environmental Health Now It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say, Your environment is your health. So to improve your health, see that your family’s environment is a healthy one. A health guide from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Of course, your environment isn’t the only factor influencing your health. Genes play an important role, too, as your kids are sure to tell you. But, sorry, you can’t choose your parents. You and your family can, on the other hand, do a lot about your personal environment−−your surroundings, your exposures, your diet and your health habits−−to extend your life and to improve your fitness and appearance. For an example of how society has improved health by environmental action, you have to look no further than our protected reservoirs and water disinfection plants. The purification of city water supplies has been the most significant reason that the average life span has very nearly doubled over the past century or so. Millions and millions of us live longer and better because of clean water and because our country and industries have reduced our exposures to lead and other substances. In addition to the environments we share, each of us has his or her own personal environment. Our personal environments can greatly influence our lifespans and how healthy we feel and are. Here are simple but important steps that you and your family can take−−health­ wise−−about your environment.... Read the label on house and garden chemicals... Before you point that spray can, get your spectacles out and see if the directions or warnings have changed. They do, frequently. In fact, before you even buy a household or garden chemical, you can compare labels to be sure you’re buying the safest product for your intended use. (You also may decide a bug-less, weed-less lawn isn’t all that importan

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