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Proposal for a Council Directive on conditions for the operation of regular ro-ro ferry and high speed passenger craft services in the Community. COM (98) 71 final, 18 February 1998

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untitled COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Brussels, 18.02.1998 COM(1998) 71 final 98/0064 (SYN) PROPOSAL FOR A COUNCIL DIRECTIVE ON CONDITIONS FOR THE OPERATION OF REGULAR RO-RO FERRY AND HIGH SPEED PASSENGER CRAFT SERVICES . .IN THE COMMUNITY (presented by the Commission) Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara LIST OF CONTENTS EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM GENERAL INTRODUCTION . PURPOSE AND SCOPE OF THE LEGISLATION JUSTIFICATION FOR A COUNCIL DIRECTIVE CONTENT OF THE COUNCIL DIRECTIVE SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS LEGISLATIVE ACT DECISION OF THE EEA JOINT COMMITTEE FINANCIAL STATEMENT 4 IMPACT ASSESSMENT FORM: 2 .., _, 9 12 15 16 21 44 46 50 EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1. When addressing the safety of ferries at Council level in the aftermath of disasters such as the "Herald of Free Enterprise", the "Scandinavian Star" and the "Estonia", Member States never wasted the opportunity to w1derline that this kind of transport is mostly regarded by their citizens as public transport by sea. It was therefore, after the latest tragedy, that the Council expressed its firm intention to offer the best possible safety guarantees to passengers travelling to and from Community ports. Being aware that the safety requirements applicable to ro-ro ferries sailing on international journeys differ between .Member States and that a Community-wide harmonisation of these rules could not be achieved in the short term (see paragraph 6), the Council advocated that the best solution to achieve a coherent implementation of internationally agreed safety standards on specific ro- ro ferry routes in practice was the setting up of an expanded mandatory survey regime at EC level. The Council was further of the opinion that it is for the benefit of both public protection and maritime safety that accidents are promptly and thorou

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