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It explores a comparison between the transition from rational manager to intuitively manager so that the speed on which complexity increases is greater than the speed of developing our ability to manipulate facts and objective information. The qualities and characteristics of future manager specific that no doubt the new profile manager will change, because he will need to adapt to changing market needs, managers will begin to invest in themselves. Innovations can only come from people with a strong entrepreneurial and intuitive spirit. Characteristics of tomorrow's organizations states that the need to organize, for change, requires achieving a structure in order to take decisions quickly. And the decisions must be based on approximation of current activity, market, technology and all the changes in society, in environment, those related to population and knowledge providing opportunities for innovation, if they are seen and valued. In this world, which increasingly focuses more on knowledge, not have time to gradually acquire knowledge and ideas, and the application of knowledge on geographically area is intensifying, acquisition, synthesis and systematic dissemination of knowledge and experience are becoming essential for many organizations’ success.

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