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In vitro H1-receptor antagonist activity of methanolic extract of tuber of Stephania glabra

Bangladesh Pharmacological Society
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  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • H1-Receptor Antagonist
  • Stephania Glabra
  • Guinea Pigs Ileum
  • Goat Tracheal Chain Preparation


In the present study, methanolic extract of tuber of Stephania glabra was evaluated for H1-bloker activity by employing in vitro screening models of guinea pig ileum and goat tracheal chain preparation. Goat isolated trachea and guinea pig ileum contracted to histamine in a dose-dependent manner while chlorpheniramine blocked this effect. The methanolic extract produced significant dose-dependent H1-receptor antagonist activity by blocking histamine-induced contraction.DOI: 10.3329/bjp.v5i2.6671

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