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Primary production, phytoplankton biomass and distribution, and size fractionated bulk variables of the chlorophyll maximum during an iron fertilisation experiment in the region of the Antarctic Polar Frontal Zone

Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung
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The Expeditions ANTARKTIS XXII3-4-5 of the Research Vessel ,, olarstern" in 2004 Die Expeditionen ANTARKTI des Forschungsschiffes ,,Polarstern" 2004 Edited by 1 Herausgegeben von Victor Smetacek, Ulrich Bathmann, Elisabeth Helmke with contributions of the participants 1 unter Mitarbeit der Fahrtteilnehmer Ber. Polarforsch. Meeresforsch. 500 (2005) ISSN 161 8 - 31 93 ANTARKTIS XXV3-4-5 21. Januar 2004 - 2. Juni 2004 KOORDINATOR/COORDINATOR Hans-Otto Pörtne ANT XXI/3: Cape Town - Cape Town FAHRTLEITERICHIEF SCIENTIST Victor Smetacek ANT XXI/4: Cape Town - Cape Town FAHRTLEITERICHIEF SCIENTIST Ulrich Bathmann ANT XXI/5: Cape Town - Bremerhaven FAHRTLEITERICHIEF SCIENTIST Elisabeth Helmke INHALTSVERZEICHNIS 1 CONTENTS FAHRTABSCHNITT ANT XXV3 KAPSTADT - KAPSTADT Fahrtleiter I Chief Scientist: Victor Smetacek 1-134 FAHRTABSCHNITT ANT XXV4 KAPSTADT - KAPSTADT Fahrtleiter 1 Chief Scientist: Ulrich Bathmann 135-268 FAHRTABSCHNITT ANT XXV5 KAPSTADT - BREMERHAVEN Fahrtleiter 1 Chief Scientist: Elisabeth Helmke FAHRTABSCHNITT ANT XXV3 KAPSTADT - KAPSTADT Fahrtleiter 1 Chief Scientist: Victor Smetacek 1. Introduction 3 Reiseroute1 Cruise track 7 Wetter 8 The physical setting of the european iron fertilization experiment 'Eifex' in the southern ocean 15 H202 dynamics during a mesoscale iron enrichment in the southern ocean 46 Temporal changes in iron speciation during a mesoscale iron enrichment experiment 50 Changes in the speciation and biogeochemical cycling of other trace metals during eifex 55 Surface-active organic matter in the upper water column during EIFEX, a mesoscale Open ocean iron enrichment experiment in the Southern Ocean 59 Progression of transparent exopolymer particles (tep) and potential of iron binding to tep during Eifex 61 CO,-system measurements during Eifex 66 Chlorophyll a, particulate and dissolved carbon, nitrogen 70 Dissolved carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus as well as particulate p

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