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Informatologia 1-2006.indd ISSN 1330-0067 Coden: IORME 7 II DOKUMENTACIJSKI LISTIĆI / DOCUMENTATION SHEETS Informatologia, 39, 2006, 1, 1–67 Literature: Serial Bibliographic level: Analytic UDC: 324 (497.5) ISSN: 1330-0067 Coden: IORME 7 Short title: Informatologia, Zagreb Vol. No. (Year): 39(2006) Issue No.: 1 Other identification: INFO-919 Page numbers:1–21 Received:2004-03-19 Issued:2005-07-17 Language –of text: Croat. -of Summary: Croat Engl.,. References:23 Tables: 12 Figures:16 Category: Original scientific paper Title: THE DIALECTICS OF MEDIA POWER AND THE ELECTORAL BEHAVIOUR OF CITIZENS (THE 2003 GENERAL ELECTIONS IN CROATIA Author(s): Mario Plenković, Slobodan Hadžić, Mladen Kučiš Affilation: Faculty of Graphic Arts, Department of Communication Science, Zagreb, Croatia Croatin Communication Association, Zagreb, Croatia Key words: media, public, media research, parliament elections, media campaign Abstract: A research into the political-scientific and communicational aspects of the dialectical power of the media, or the lack of it, in the process of electoral behaviour, taking the 2003 general elections in Croatia as an example. The research covered the period September 1 – November 30, 2003. The methodology chosen and implemented was in line with contemporary trends in similar researches of the media and election and political campaigns. Authors point out the complexity of studying these problems that are currently in the focus of communication and political scientists. The research findings have confirmed the initial hypothesis in full. Authors of this research concentrated their attention on examining mutual correlation between media visibility of political options/politicians and electoral behaviour of citizens. An inductive/deductive analysis of media presence was also conducted, in correlation with the funds invested in promotional campaign and propaganda. The research findings indicate there is no one-dimensional relationship of cause and effect

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