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Influence of Different Surface Preparations of Ag- Pd Maryland Bridge Constructions on Dynamic Strength of the Composite-Metal Interface

School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatian Dental Society - Croatian Medical Association
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  • Maryland Most
  • Spoj Metal-Kompozit
  • Dinamička čvrstoća
  • Maryland Bridge
  • Metal-Composite Interface
  • Dynamic Strength
  • Chemistry


The aim of this study was to investigate experimentally the effect of three different forms of metal bases (Pd-Ag) of Mary land bridges on the dynamic strength of the metal - composite interface. The study was carried out on 98 metal roller specimens. Three groups of specimens were investigated: netlike, electrochemically etched and sand-blasted. All specimens were dynamically loaded in an Amsler high frequency pulsator with gradual increasing of the working forces until the limits of their endurance. Metal roller specimens were loaded in a duration o f1.300,000 cycles. Results of dynamic loading showed the netlike specimens to have the most dynamic resistance of the metal-composite interface. Dynamic loading of the sand-blasted specimens was the weakest. Statistical analysis showed negative correlation between the strain and number of cycles in all the three groups of metal roller specimens.

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