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Indoor air pollution and inter-room pollutant transport due to unvented kerosene-fired space heaters

Environment International
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DOI: 10.1016/0160-4120(87)90085-7


Abstract Two kerosene-fired space heaters, one white-flame convective and one blue-flame radiant, were operated in the master bedroom and living room of an unoccupied house (elevation: 1800 m) under several simulated use conditions. Tests were conducted in the master bedroom with the bedroom door and bedroom window open and closed. The heaters were operated until an 8 °C temperature rise was achieved in the room. Increases in bedroom concentrations of CO, CO 2, NO, NO 2, and O 2 are reported. The increases in CO 2 levels ranged from 2440 to 5440 mL/m 3 (ppm) while the increases in NO 2 levels ranged from 0.12 to 0.60 mL/m 3 (ppm). The NO 2 emission rate from the convective heater was reduced at the high altitude location as compared with previous emission rate measurements conducted near sea level with the same heater. In addition, inter-room pollutant transport rates are reported for bedroom tests conducted with the window closed. While inter-room pollutant transport rates were less than 10 m 3 with the bedroom door closed (opening area less than 100 cm 2), they ranged from 16 m 3/h to 53 m 3/h with the bedroom door open 2.5 cm (opening = 520 cm 2), and ranged from 190 to 3400 m 3/h with the door fully open (opening area = 15,000 cm 2). Continuous emission rate data are reported for tests conducted with the heater in the living room.

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