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Design and construction of a berreman-type point-focusing X-ray monochromator for use in low-angle scattering studies

Journal of Ultrastructure Research
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DOI: 10.1016/s0022-5320(63)80076-3
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The design and construction of a point-focusing Berreman-type single quartz crystal X-ray monochromator for low-angle scattering is described. Monochromatization and point focusing of the copper K α 1 line are obtained by Bragg reflection from an appropriately bent 2½ by 2⅜ by 0.015 inch crystal lamina. With a 0.0225 inch aperture defining the size of the X-ray source next to a General Electric CA-7 diffraction tube running at 45 kV and 18 ma, about 3 × 10 9 counts per minute may be put into a 0.025 inch half-width focus, in helium atmosphere. Parasitic scattering from the crystal which competes with scattering from the sample was excluded by using a converging vane collimator, which required coating with lead chloride to prevent low-angle total reflection from the vanes. Sample-to-detector distances of up to 49 cm are obtainable. Keratin and albumin scattering patterns are shown to illustrate the instrument's performance.

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